B.O.D. auto-check measurement systems, OxiTop® Control

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B.O.D. auto-check measurement systems, OxiTop® Control
In accordance with DIN EN 1899 H55. OxiTop® Measuring System with infra-red communication between measuring head Oxitop C and the Controller Oxitop Control 100. Sample administration for up to 100 parallel samples and automatic sample ID. The display presents a clear view of the whole sample management and process with indication of the process step. The display function means that manual identification or labelling is no longer necessary. The two operating modes included, " Routine B.O.D." and "Standard B.O.D." fulfil standard requirements and additional demands such as calculation and statistics. GLP-compliant documentation with testing agent monitoring is included. It is not possible to switch samples. The progress of individual sample procedures is stored in the measuring head with 180 to 360 data records. Each measuring system independently implements a temperature-controlled start using the integral AutoTemp function. The measuring positions can be called up at any time using the controller and their measurements loaded into the controller's memory (even through the closed insulating glass door or cover of the thermostatic cabinets and OxiTop® boxes). B.O.D. evaluation and curve construction is carried out in the controller. Data output to PC is possible via the RS 232 interfaces. OxiTop® Control can be expanded as required using extension sets. The inductive stirring system corresponds with OxiTop® (see previous page).

Complete system comprises: OxiTop® B.O.D. controller, OxiTop®-C measuring heads (each battery operated) and inductive stirring system, ready for use in OxiTop® thermostatic cabinets and incubators. Controller inludes graphics display, sample management for up to 100 measuring positions, amber sample bottles 600 ml, stirring bars, stirring bar remover, sodium hydroxide pellets, rubber sleeves, 164ml and 432ml overflow measuring flasks, chart paper block and nitrification inhibitor.
Manufacturer:Xylem Analytics Germany (WTW)
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