B.O.D. auto-check measurement systems, OxiTop® IS

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B.O.D. auto-check measurement systems, OxiTop® IS
In accordance with DIN EN 1899 H55.
Modular and mercury-free B.O.D. systems for practical, daily operation. The system is TÜV/GS tested. With no mechanical moving parts the programme-controlled, Inductive Stirring System is durable and does not require any type of maintenance. The magnetically coupled stirring bars are periodically speeded up, or slowed down from the minimum to the maximum stirring speed respectively. A controlled "catching device" forces the stirrer bars into the magnetic field and synchronises them with the stirring speed. An optimal gas exchange for BOD determinations is therefore guaranteed in the sample bottle. The mercury-free, OxiTop measuring system works manometrically with a pressure sensor and 2-digit digital display.
  • Large measuring range with overflow indicator
  • Auto Temp function - intelligent temperature monitoring for automatic start under the best possible conditions
  • Automatic zero setting at start
  • Integral memory - daily readings no longer required
  • Battery powered with typical running time of 2 years.

System comprises:
B.O.D. measuring units with inductive stirring system and OxiTop® measuring system, ready for use in thermostatic cabinets and incubators with amber sample bottles 600ml, stirring bars, stirring bar remover, sodium hydroxide pellets, rubber sleeves, 164ml and 432ml overflow measuring flasks, chart paper block and nitrification inhibitor. Any conventional manometric B.O.D. system can be converted to the OxiTop® system. Various conversion kits are available for this - details on request.
Manufacturer:Xylem Analytics Germany (WTW)
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