Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor CellOx® 325

Koda: 7008261*LLG
Proizvajalec: LLG
Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Sensor CellOx® 325
Membrane covered galvanic dissolved oxygen for measurement of water and aqueous solutions. Low maintenance and without polarization time. The CellOx® 325 is a dissolved oxygen sensor with built-in temperture compensation by a NTC 30 kOhm sensor and membrane leakage monitoring for field and laboratory applications. It has a fast response (t99<60 s) and a low-maintenance operation. The application ranges from surface water, waste water treatment, BOD measurement to industrial and special applications. An electrolyte filling is sufficient for up to 6 months service life. The calibration vessel is included in the delivery.
For Oxi 3xx, Oxi 3xxi, ProfiLine Oxi 197, ProfiLine Oxi 197i, ProfiLine Multi 197i, Multi 340i, Oxi 3205, Oxi 3210, Oxi 3310, ProfiLine Oxi 1970i, ProfiLine Multi 1970i, inoLab®.

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Manufacturer:Xylem Analytics Germany (WTW)