Concentrates for ultrasonic baths STAMMOPUR

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Concentrates for ultrasonic baths STAMMOPUR
STAMMOPUR concentrates have been especially developed for ultrasonic application and are marked CE according to the Medical Devices Directive (MDD). All solutions are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and easy to dispose. STAMMOPUR contains special active substances and adjuvants which achieve an optimal disinfecting and cleansing effect while at the same time sparing the instruments

STAMMOPUR R: Intensive instument cleaning concentrate, phosphate-free, mild-alkaline, application 2%, pH 9.6 (1%)
STAMMOPUR 24*: Intensive disinfection and cleaning concentrate. VAH-certified-bactericidal, yeasticidal virucidal against BVDV, Vaccinia, HBV, HCV, HIV. Effectiveness EXAM - expertise against H5N1. Free from aldehydes, chlorine and phenol. Application 1% to 2%, mildly alkaline, pH 9.9 (1%). Highly compatible with most materials.
STAMMOPUR DR 8*: Instrument disinfection and intensive cleaning concentrate. VAH-certified. Without aldehydes-, phenols and chlorine. Bactericidal, virucidal against Vaccinia, BVDV, Papova, Adeno, HBV, HCV, HIV, H5N1. Application 1 % to 3 %, mildly alkaline, pH 9.9 (1%).

This product is a disinfectant containing biocides. Please inquire its availability and legal information.

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Manufacturer:Bandelin electronic
Article description 1:Stammopur DR 8, 2l-bottle
Article description 2:desinfectant, liquid, corrosive, n.o.s.
Article description 3:UN 1903, 8, III, (E)