Controlled temperature cabinet, OxiTop® Box

Koda: 9920025*LLG
Proizvajalec: LLG
Controlled temperature cabinet, OxiTop® Box
With temperature regulated forced air circulation.
Benchtop model with transparent, hinged cover. can be used with various accessories, including OxiTop® IS, OxiTop® Control and IS 602. With interior power supply socket to allow operation of stirrers etc. within the chamber. Corrosion-resistant housing made of stainless steel or plastic. Temperature control is maintained using forced air circulation refrigeration unit. Cross flow ventilation provides uniform temperature distribution. Overtemperature protection, automatic defrosting and condensate evaporation are also provided, to maximise system efficiency. Stability at 20°C ±0.5°C. A special storage rack is provided for methylene blue samples. Also suitable for "BOD dilution" samples.
Manufacturer:Xylem Analytics Germany (WTW)
Article description 1:Thermostat cabinet,OxiTop® Box,425x600x375 mm